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Since 2009, our dedicated team has been committed to ensuring that our clients attain the best possible price for the sale of their business.

If you are considering selling your business, the intermediary you choose to represent you will be of critical importance. Royal Business Consultants provides a high level of expertise and experience, regardless of the transaction size. We guide business owners throughout the entire selling process and across a variety of industries. Whether it’s an initial consultation to discuss your goals and determine if this is the right time to sell, or helping to manage the due diligence process by working with qualified buyers, Royal’s professional staff is committed to getting the maximum value for your business.

Success Based Fee Structure

No upfront fees! We employ a simple philosophy…”Your success is our success!” This means our compensation structure is completely performance based. We never collect a fee unless we are able to successfully close the transaction

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Typically, one of the first questions we get asked by business owners is “What’s my business worth? There are many different variables (tangible and intangible) that are considered when calculating the listing price including current financial performance, overall business model, profit margin ratios, profitability trends, growth potential, and competitive landscape to name a few.

RBC will analyze your financial statements and recast the P&L to include any addbacks in order to arrive at the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE). The SDE is used in conjunction with an earnings multiplier to arrive at a valuation range.